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84 th China Electronics Fair(84 th CEF)

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Time: the 2014-10-28-2014-10-30

The exhibition location: Shanghai new international expo center 

Organizer: China electronics corporation 



The autumn of 2014 (84th) China electronics show 

84th China Electronics Fair (the 84th CEF) 

Launched during the same period: 2014 Asian electronics (AEES2014)/IC CHINA2014 

The exhibition location: Shanghai new international expo center 

Show time: on October 28, 2014 - October 30 

The exhibition theme: China electronics (CEF) informationization to promote industrialization, electronic technology to promote industrial upgrading 

Organizer: China electronics corporation 

Organizer: CLP exhibition and information dissemination co., LTD 

Joint unit: 

Hong Kong trade development council 

Electrical electronic industrial board of trade 

South Korea external electronic industry organization 

The Japanese electronics association 

China electronics industry association 

China electronics industry association 

Shanghai electronics manufacturing industry association China's optoelectronic industry association branch of photoelectric device 

Laser processing professional committee of Chinese optical society 

China association of vacuum electronics industry 

China video industry association 

China electronics quality management association 

China electronic special equipment industry association 

China semiconductor industry association 

Support the media: "China's electronic business information", "China electronics news 

The exhibition scale: 61500 square meters 

The exhibition profile 

China electronics (CEF) - electronic the biggest exhibition in China 

A comprehensive professional electronics show of authority. China electronics began in 1964, is China's oldest and most authoritative electronics industry exhibition. China electronics based on leading electronic technology, independent innovation, promote China's electronic industry grow up together with the China electronic industry. 

Perfect strategic layout. China electronics with spring, summer, autumn three season, layout - the Midwest - east China, south China reached 150000 square meters, the annual exhibition scale in the service of applications such as 3 c, industry and defence industries, help you fully expand the Chinese market, to win more business opportunities. 

High level of international influence. China Electronics (CEF) is Asia Electronics exhibition (AEECC) one of the five members of the alliance, with the Japanese Electronics (CEATEC JAPAN), South Korea Electronics show (KES), Taiwan Electronics (Taitronics), the Hong Kong Electronics show (HK Electronics Fair) and referred to as the five big Asian Electronics show. Members of the collaboration between greatly improved CEF influence in the world. 

The exhibition background 

The 84th session of China's electronics show 

- for upgrading of electronic information technology, serve the strategic new industry 

Shanghai is China's largest economic center city, is also the international famous port city, has extremely important in the economic development of China's leading position. With China's "economic growth pole and the engine," said the Yangtze river delta region, currently with capital intensive and technology intensive as the characteristics of the electronic information industry has developed into a new pillar industry and Shanghai provinces and one city of su zhejiang. This area through the industrial upgrading, has been with the pearl river delta, bohai bay region grow up to be one of the three largest information industry base in China, and became the world's a big part of IT manufacturing investment areas. 

Shanghai as the center of the Yangtze river delta based on the perfect electronic information industry, formed a powerful IT machine manufacturing, electrical appliances, automobile manufacturing, industrial control, instrumentation, lighting appliances, energy, the advantages of application field is the concentration of international well-known enterprise research and development and design center in base, selection and matching with a strong demand for electronic products. 

One of the biggest procurement centers in China Shanghai direct contact with the Chinese electronics (CEF) more than sixty thousand high-quality buyers and engineers and sales of your products to them, an area of sixty thousand square meters large scale display platform to provide opportunity to you can do! 

CEF, you enter the Chinese market quickly platform! 

Display Settings 

New flat-panel display exhibition: OLED, electronic paper, LED backlight, high-end touch screen and display materials exhibition hall (N5) 

Component library: passive components, semiconductor discrete devices, connectors, relays exhibition hall (N4 interchange) 

Equipment instrument pavilion: instrumentation, electronic equipment, electronic tools, electronic materials, passive components, special components exhibition hall (N3) 

2014 Asian electronics (AEES) : Asia electronics, consumer electronics exhibition hall (N2) 

The IC CHINA2014: great national scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete sets of major achievements, IC design, IC, IC support, packaging and testing application area (N1) 

Fair price 

/ exhibitors booth form category Standard booth (3 m x 3 m) light to 36 ㎡ (rent) 

Overseas exhibitors between us $2520 / $260 / M2 

Domestic exhibitors 15000 yuan / 1500 yuan / ㎡ 

(note: double opening charged 10%) 

Collection units: CLP exhibition and information dissemination co., LTD., bank: China merchants bank Beijing branch wanshou road sub-branch 

Bank account number: 861382076910001 

The exhibition process 

1. Ask for fits their own pavilion exhibitors booth chart, choose to suit their own booth. 

2. The exhibitors to fill out the exhibition application form and fax or mail it to the organizer after build official seal; 

3. The organizer to the application for the enterprises, which is to confirm the booth. And according to the "first apply, first pay, first arranged" the principle of allocation of the booth; 

4. Exhibitors according to the exhibition application form the payment deadline specified in the booth fee paid 

5. The organizer to exhibitors to send "exhibitors manual"; 

6. The organizer in advance before January, the enterprise to send the confirmation.