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83th China Electronics Fair

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The 83th session of China's electronics show

83th China Electronics Fair


Held: the 2014 China (shenzhen) consumer electronics show

China Consumer Electronics Fair 2014

Held: the 2014 China lithium electricity exhibition of new energy

China Lithium 'New Energy Fair 2014

Held: the 2014 China (shenzhen) LED show

China LED Fair 2014 (Shenzhen)


Shenzhen convention and exhibition center

April 9-12, 2014

New technology, selection of new products to build a one-stop sourcing platform


Organizer: China electronics corporation

Organizer: CLP exhibition and information dissemination co., LTD


Joint unit:

Electronic equipment company in various provinces Convention and exhibition co., LTD. Shenzhen creative era

Hong Kong trade development council Hong Kong electronic chamber of commerce

Electrical electronic industrial board of trade China electronics industry association

China electronics industry association China electronics quality management association

China electronic special equipment industry association In communications branch of China electronic institute


Support the media: "China's electronic business information", "China electronics news Cntronics




China electronics (CEF)

Develop electronic China's first exhibition of one hundred and fifty thousand square meters


A comprehensive professional electronics show of authority. China electronics (CEF) began in 1964, is China's oldest and most authoritative electronics industry exhibition. China electronics based on leading electronic technology, independent innovation, promote China's electronic industry grow up together with the China electronic industry.

Perfect strategic layout. China electronics with spring, summer, autumn three season, layout - the Midwest - east China, south China reached 150000 square meters, the annual exhibition scale in the service of applications such as 3 c, industry and defence industries, help you fully expand the Chinese market, to win more business opportunities.

High level of international influence. China Electronics is Asia Electronics exhibition union (AEECC), one of the five members with Japanese Electronics (CEATEC JAPAN), South Korea Electronics show (KES), Taiwan Electronics (Taitronics), the Hong Kong Electronics show (HK Electronics Fair) and referred to as the five big Asian Electronics show. Members of the collaboration between greatly improved CEF influence in the world.



The 83th session of China's electronics show

Subject: new technology, selection of new products to build a one-stop sourcing platform


Held: the 2014 China (shenzhen) consumer electronics show

(China Consumer Electronics Fair 2014)

Electronic information industry has become the "engine" of the pearl river delta industrial growth, formed with computers and peripherals, software, communication, micro-electronics and basic components, audio-visual products such as electronic information industry represented by the strategy of industrial clusters, with an average annual growth of 66%, the shenzhen industrial economic growth is the best and strongest competitiveness, correlation is the largest pillar industry.


The rapid development of electronic information industry makes shenzhen national and global important electronic products research and development and manufacturing base. While adjacent to shenzhen, dongguan has a "IT new town" reputation. Guangzhou, huizhou, foshan, zhongshan, zhuhai and other electronic information industry town of dot. Shenzhen is located in connecting the mainland and Hong Kong and overseas gold "electronic information industry corridor", carrying the "electronic information product research and development manufacturing base in the world and international procurement base". China electronics (CEF) held in shenzhen for seven years, deriving the unlimited business opportunities, animating the whole pearl river delta of the growth of the electronic information enterprises.


As the industry is becoming more and more attention of independent technology innovation, the pearl river delta region of the increasingly active electronic design activities, and promote the sustained growth of electronic components and related electronic products, and make the design selection and procurement has become an important core business electronic system/machine enterprise. China electronics (CEF) has been working on for the enterprise to build a "one-stop purchasing platform selection".



Held: China Lithium electricity New Energy show China Lithium 'New Energy Fair 2014

China new energy lithium electricity show (hereinafter referred to as: CNEF) is the national ministry of commerce, the national ministry of industry and information technology, with strong support from China electronics (CEC) new energy. The exhibition to create perfect lithium electricity industry chain, services, new energy economy for the purpose. Main show, lithium batteries, power lithium batteries, fuel cells, electric materials, li-ion battery production equipment and application of new energy vehicles, energy storage system, etc.


Held: the 2014 China (Shenzhen) LED show China LED Fair 20124 (Shenzhen)

China LED show, by the China electronics corporation and shenzhen LED industry federation jointly create on behalf of the Chinese industry level LED professional event. The exhibition focus in the field of LED display the current of backlight, display the latest products, technologies and applications, lighting, signs, such as cars, its technical characteristics and application show the positive influence of the LED industry is the industry wide concern. The exhibition at the same time for different levels of the LED field at home and abroad merchants provides a display of strength, technology, cooperation, negotiation platform.



Show the product

Electronic components, optoelectronic devices, LED display, integrated circuit, power supply module, a new type of sensor, embedded systems, electronic materials, electronic production equipment, electronic tools, electronic measuring instruments and industrial control automation system


Application field

Consumer electronics, IT/communication technology, the new display technology, automotive electronics, green lighting, security electronics, medical electronics, energy saving, environmental protection, green manufacturing technology, industrial control automation technology


The target audience

China electronics (CEF) is the most important, the largest scale, the industry of professional exhibition, industry from the electronic application of each enterprise senior management personnel, technical engineers, developers, such as the procurement engineer will be one of the CEF as they have to visit the exhibition every year. CEF in their research and development and procurement plan plays an important reference and promoting role. CEF audience in targeted industries include: consumer electronics, home appliances, audio-visual industry, information technology/communications, automotive electronics, medical electronics, lighting, security monitoring, intelligent transportation, mechanical engineering/industrial control, aerospace, power electronics and other industries.


The exhibition contact

Guangzhou remit the exhibition service co., LTD

Address: guangzhou tianhe car vicious road no. 8 source, building, room 313 b

Contact: Cao Fei

QQ: 2482978366

Telephone 020-82162357

Phone: 13622274560


At the same time seminars


The Chinese electronic society (CIE electronic science) of the electronic information science and technology prize award ceremony

A new mode of purchasing and supply summit

Circuit protection and electromagnetic compatibility technology conference

China lithium electricity new energy peak BBS

New energy-saving technology seminar

2014 (shenzhen) international seminars and electronic test and measurement of quality certification and testing technology summit

2014 (shenzhen) electronics enterprises in China green manufacturing workshop

Low power consumption innovation design BBS

Emerging electronic technology and application of BBS - MEMS technology and application

Emerging electronic technology and application of BBS - focus on the LED

2014 CMIP China mobile Internet product development seminar

2014 (shenzhen) China FPD BBS - tablet machine/module development seminar

3 d video BBS in China

Advanced seminar in 2014 (shenzhen) RFID application

2014 China global positioning and location services industry value chain alliance seminars and exhibitions

2014 (shenzhen) LED application of new technology, new workshop





Show address: shenzhen convention and exhibition center (shenzhen futian central district fortune China three road, shenzhen convention and exhibition center)

Show time: April 9-12, 2014

Display Settings:

Pavilion: 1 CEF international exhibition galleries, sensor, semiconductor exhibition galleries, instruments and meters, wiring harness processing equipment exhibition, tools, equipment exhibition, laser equipment exhibition galleries, circuit protection

2, 3: photoelectric

6 hall: lithium electricity exhibition of new energy in China

House: no. 4, 7, 8:2013 China (shenzhen) consumer electronics show

9 pavilion: mechanical and electrical components exhibition exhibition galleries, special components, passive components